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Structuring the web 

At Dataprovider.com, our fast-growing team transforms the worldwide web into a huge structured database. Every month, we collect data from more than 270 million domains in 50 different countries and index more than 200 unique variables on those websites. This allows us to create a clean searchable database that helps forward-thinking companies and governments find very specific data. As we index the entire web, we make sure our platform is always up to date: that's why we add more data, tackle new problems and create innovative solutions every day.

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Our team consists of a wide range of professionals: data scientists, data support engineers, developers, designers and the list goes on. Stand-up, agile, design sprints and scrum are familiar terms to all of us. 

Most of the people at Dataprovider.com have been working here for long: they started while they were students and have been an inseparable part of the team ever since.   

We streamline our operations within four tight-knit teams - backend, frontend, data science and staff support - that collaborate on a daily basis to achieve our goals.

To us, the team comes first. That’s why we invest in our team and make sure everyone is equipped with what’s necessary to keep them productive, flexible and, needless to say, happy at work.


Even though we're growing fast, we haven't lost our startup mentality. With 44 people and counting, we value a positive work atmosphere and a supportive team: if you have a question or need help, there’ll always be someone willing to lend you a helping hand.

Life at Dataprovider.com is all about working hard, working together, helping each other and having fun!

We like to pick each other's brains and discuss new projects during pizza sessions, have refreshing ice cream breaks (you can find ice cream in our fridge anytime of the year), round off the work day with a board game and enjoy the regular ping-pong tournaments.

Want to know more about Dataprovider.com and what it is like to be part of our team? Take a look behind the scenes at our Instagram profile.

Internships and graduation projects 

Being an intern at Dataprovider.com means more than getting involved in the day-to-day running of the company. We see interns as vital contributors to new projects. As an intern, you will get fully immersed into our dynamic tech environment and gain valuable hands-on experience. We offer challenging internships and graduation projects at our head office in Groningen at different points throughout the year, depending on business needs. 

A day at Dataprovider.com

There is no typical day at Dataprovider.com, as we’re a dynamic tech scale-up. You’ll most likely kick off your day with a team stand-up and then dive into your daily tasks. You can reenergize with a game of darts or catch up with your colleagues while playing pool or ping-pong.

At noon, everyone takes a break to charge their batteries with lunch: don’t bring your wallet, it’s on us! (We've put lunching in groups on hold as we want to ensure everyone at Dataprovider.com stays safe, but we usually have a good laugh together during lunch).

Now we encourage everyone in our team to work from home. However, as we continue to work on creating a safer environment, we've made sure people can work with their colleagues in the office as we believe face-to-face meetings and spontaneous water cooler chats are at the root of a positive company culture.

We love hanging out together, and we organize lots of memorable team building activities and company outings throughout the year: water skiing, sailing and playing boules, anyone?

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Our stack

  • Databases: Elasticsearch, MongoDB, MySQL, Neo4J, Cassandra
  • Programming languages: PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript
  • Frameworks: React, Kubernetes, Symfony
  • Operating systems: Linux, OSX (no MS Windows allowed)


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